Pictures from a lost roll – Pt 2

Some more pictures from the lost roll I had developed recently. 

This wasn’t some lucky find in a thrift store camera purchase this was just my own failing mixed with some significant life changes.  If you haven’t seen Pt 1 you can read it  here.  The film was intended to re-start my home developing which I did when I was younger and save some money; but house moves, weddings and a baby meant it got lost for a few years.

I have no memory of where this was or anything; that the fun of a forgotten roll

I shot the roll on my trusty Voigtländer Vitomatic II which has been a stable performer since I got it.

It has been my go-to travel film camera as it has pretty much all I want from a film camera while travelling.  it’s compact, reliable, has great optics and I am familiar with using it.

This old Cadillac Fleetwood was being ‘stored’ in the top of a mountain where we kept our trailer for a while…
… it seemed to be holding out fairly well against the weather

This was also my first rangefinder camera, having owned my Vito B for a long time, I suddenly thought to check out other Voigtlander cameras and this was the result (and from then a steep, long slope into camera acquisition).

Not completely sure what I was going for here other than the hazy distant buildings, I like that the wall sort of frames it on one side
Something about the slightly poor state of tis house appealed to me
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