Pictures from a lost roll – Pt 1

“So how does a roll get lost” I hear you ask, well….

The plan was to get back into developing my own film.  I had all the equipment I needed and had bought some developer to do it with.  But I needed something to develop.  I didn’t want to use an “important” roll of film for my first developing attempt in (err) 25 or so years, so I grabbed a fresh roll of Ilford HP5 put into a ‘safe’ camera that I knew would was consistent in this case my Voigtlander Vitomatic II and shot the whole roll over a few days while walking about in my lunch hour.

Then I put the film on the shelf until I had a moment to develop it and this is where things kinda went awry.

I like living close to mountains, they add such drama. Back in the UK things are much more flat; you don’t realize until you have this kind of landscape in your view.

It took a little longer to find that moment; a wedding happened, we moved house and we had a baby.

I lost track of the film and only found it again recently… 3 year later

This interesting wall caught my eye; mostly because of the light reflecting on it from the building opposite

I decided that it had been too long to attempt to develop it myself with my more than rusty developing skills and sent it off to Old School labs for them to take care of it for me.  It was quite exciting; the short wait to get  the images back with no recollection of what I had shot.  It was a bit like it used to be when I was young waiting for the annual holiday snaps to come back so we could re-live the moments and perhaps pick out a few for the family album.

There’s something about simple machinery

The shots came back slight;y underexposed which is likely due to the long wait they have had in poor storage conditions; a small tweak in Lighthroom brought most of them back to life. 

One day I might do a post featuring narrow alleyways

There are a few more I like and I will do a second post with the others.

This has a slightly soviet feel to it I feel though it’s right here in California. I like how it adorns this otherwise dull looking wall on the rear of this property
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  1. +1 on living near mountains. I grew up in Connecticut, which is hilly, but being near actual mountains is so much different. I saw Mt Rainer from Portland yesterday, and that’s over 14,000 feet high!


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