Galaxy’s Edge

A few years ago my wife took me to D23 which is the Disney equivalent of Comic-Con. It is full of people in extensive and accurate Cosplay outfits and there is everything a Disney-phile could possibly want to see. On this occasion they had an area dedicated to the proposed new ‘Star Wars Land’ feature … Continue reading Galaxy’s Edge

The Nicholl Building

The area where I have done most of my lunchtime photo walks over the last few years, close to where my office building was, consists of a main street filled with typical restaurants and stores.  The buildings are more interesting than most streets in this area and one of those buildings is the Nicholl Building where the Motion Picture & Television Fund health service is situated.

I have not been able to find details of who designed the building but it has similar themes (at least in my eyes) to Meier’s Getty Center in Los Angeles.

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Whenever I visit aquariums (of which we have two great ones in this area) I am always drawn to the jellies (aka Jellyfish).  There is something very meditative about watching them slowly drift about the tank, changing shape and generally just minding their own business.

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Night moves

I don’t do a lot of nighttime photography these days but where I have my desk set up for working from home during these times of isolation, I have a wall of prints of some of my favorite images.  Two of these images I have mounted as a pair and I often look up at them as I am pondering an issue.

These are the two images and I am pleased with how they came out; I like the way the street lighting highlights the scene with the shadows towards the edge of the frame adding an air of mystery to what may be beyond.

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