Night moves

I don’t do a lot of nighttime photography these days but where I have my desk set up for working from home during these times of isolation, I have a wall of prints of some of my favorite images.  Two of these images I have mounted as a pair and I often look up at them as I am pondering an issue.

These are the two images and I am pleased with how they came out; I like the way the street lighting highlights the scene with the shadows towards the edge of the frame adding an air of mystery to what may be beyond.

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So what is this about?…

In this blog each post will focus on five images that are linked in some way either through the subject matter, place or something else and I will keep the descriptions to no more than a few paragraphs.

I decided to start this blog as kind of a fresh start on my photography. My previous blog called ‘View from the Carrotroom‘ has come to the end of it’s course and I want to go in a different direction. Making a new start is (I think) easier than trying to redesign and take what I have done to-date to a new style.

So here we are

As a photographer I don’t think I have stuck to one genre and I generally just like to shoot things I see (call me an opportunist) but often there is a thread (sometimes tenuous) that links images taken over the course of time and I think this is a good way of presenting my photography in some way that is coherent (for me at least).

This is not intended to be a gear site but just to kick things off here is my current selection of cameras that I will be (and have been) mostly using to create the images. I have others and I reserve the right to use those too but these are my main shooters

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