One Image Wednesday – warmth

Todays image is a favourite that I took some time ago. The camera I used to take this was a bit of a conundrum for me.

For a short while I owned a Contax IIIa which I had managed to get quite cheaply due to the seller not really knowing what he was selling and completely mis-described it meaning I was the only bidder. I was a bit of a risk as I wasn’t sure what condition it was but my concerns were soon dispelled as it was totally fine. I added a Kiev lens to the package and ran some test rolls through it.

The results were great! I took some of my favourite shots that year on this camera, but….

I could not get on with the thing. Using it was not a great experience particularly the small wheel used to focus which wore your finger out rolling it back and forth.

So I was in a quandary; I loved the images but not the camera. I had other cameras that were great to use and took excellent pictures. I debated what to do and asked for some advice; a few people said I was lucky to have got two rolls through it without the shutter breaking and that I should expect that and expect it difficult to find someone to do it. Others said to stick with it as I’ll probably get used to it.

In the end I decided to cash out and not risk an expensive service or repair and let someone else have it who might appreciate it more.

I don’t regret my decision but when I look at this and other images I do see what a wonderful job that lens and camera did.

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